Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last night, I watched Khamoshi, a movie released in 1968, forty years back. Its a srory of a nurse, Radha, who helps Dev Chatterjee, a patient, in coming back to terms with life after his girl friend ditches him and he is on the verge of being declared mentally retarted. In the course of treatment, Dev sees his mother, wife, girl friend everything in Radha, and is oblivious of the fact that what impression his behaviour is having on Radha. Radha in turn falls in love with Dev. The movie actually starts with Radha standing in the room emptied by Dev, who has just gone back to his home from hospital after recovering fully. Radha says that she was not acting after all, which she was supposed to do. She decides that such kind of care-taking can have lasting impact on her and is unwilling to take up similar case again.
Right then, an identical case of Arun Chowdhury comes, who has been ditched by his girl friend and now hates even the image of a women. Radha's boss pleads her to take care of the new patient, which she turns down. However, when Arun loses the control to an extent of being life threatening to hospital staff, Radha decides to take up the case. She sees Dev in Arun and Arun finds his lost love in Radha. Radha is completely broken as she is always with Dev in her sub conscious mind, however physically with Arun. Arun loves her, but Radha is in her own world. Towards the end, Arun returns to normalcy but Radha falls prey to the very ailment she was helping patients overcome. She loses her mental balance and has to be admitted to the same hospital, where she worked just few days back as a nurse.
It is beyong any words of appreciation that the movie is made in a era - which our elders often claim to be far more innocent and simple, for if this movie is to be re-made today, it will be as complex as it was 40 years back. What the audience of today will find suprising is that the movie is made in black-white and technically seems very old, which makes the real complexity and confusion of the characters much lesser apparent. For instance, an intense scene today, will be with dark shades, deep red color, and heroine shedding tears which damages her make-up and all this is done intentionally to make the scene more realistic. However, in Khamoshi made in 1968, such things are absent, yet the message is far more powerful. Also, for a script writer and a director to think of a character like Radha a full two generations ago is superb. It actually shows that certain sections of society were far more modern then as compared to the Gen X and Gen Y of today. The direction is subtle, as Dharamendra, who plays Dev is not shown facing the camera. The director has clearly made an attempt to show Dharmendra like an impression which Radha carries. So, you can see Dharamendra sitting on a chair with his back to audience, or at best you can only see his profile not his face. Dharamandra in 1968 was at the peak of his career, the director might have foccussed more on him thinking it will help his movie in doing good business. However, the director preferred rakim him for his acting abilities and not for his super stardom. The directors and technicians of today's cine world have a lot to learn from this movie.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beauty and the lack of brains!!!!

Barrack Obama finally becomes the 44th US President. I know, the headline of tomorow's newspapers already as its not everyday that it is so easy to get the front page story idea.

I was wondering for a change why dont a paper comes with a headline saying "The World will Miss Ms Palin". In the last few months of the presidential campaign, she has made news for all wrong and funny reasons. Like, when asked about the concerns of energy deficiency in US, she said we would support Iraq. When asked about the link between the two, she replied everything is connected. Either she is a great economist of the likes of Adam Smith who thinks everything in the world is inter related and without us knowing invisible hand does it trick or she is a complete dumb.

She was also in news for spending few million dollars on her attire after she was nominated as a Vice President campaign. It had its results too. Pakistani PM Asaf Ali Zardari was so much taken in by the beauty that he found it difficult to leave her hand in a handshake. It has surely maligned the reputation of men from Indian Subcontinent, who often forget to "draw a line"

On her Linkelden profile, she has absolutely murdered the english language. Look at what she says “Join our cause and help our country to elect a great man as the next president of the United States. And I thank you, and I - God bless you, I say, and God bless America"

We will surely miss the entertainment!!!