Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tribute to Mumbai

An uninterrupted two minute ride is good,
An eleven-month's stay in the same room is a boon,
A travel in local train with lights and fans on is a surprise,
A temple visit without an hour-long wait in queue is deity’s blessing,
A day without the drop of sweat or rain is unimaginable,
A day with three meals at right time is yet to come,
A visit to a restaurant without having to wait for the seat is unheard of,
A phrase to capture it all, "The Spirit of Mumbai"
Damn It!!!!

PS: Spent 2 and half hours in taxi from VT to Andheri yday, a kind of tribute to everyday life in Mumbai.


Chiranjit said...

Enjoying the long tail of slam while going to the office was just a Thai massage for my eyes.

Pessimist Fool said...

thanks chiroo bhai...for the encouraging words