Thursday, May 29, 2008

Surprising Move

I unsubscribed from the gmail group of 30 odd friends dating back to more than 3 years. Well, I did this as I am addicted to gmail and cant do without internet so much so that I have sent mails while taking important calls. So, I thought lets close this chapter...Pcp, my room mate in tapmi, described it as "familiarity breeds contempt"..Pcp is outstanding with his use of of the few who have their own original way and not a "borrowed" one..

I was apprehensive that my group will take it otherwise. But, to my surprise, these guys were upbeat, not at my leaving the group:) Great spirit showed by the group as its still alive after 3 years of our convocation. Perhaps, this was the reason this group excelled in most of the things it did at college....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tag Heuer's Ad

I just happened to see a Tag Heuer print Ad. And, can say that its beyond perfection the way that ad is made. We have, Uma Thurman, known for doing offbeat roles, wearing a black dress and sporting a silver watch. The "watch" is in fact not clearly visible in Uma's photo. To have a clear glimpse of watch, theres a separate foto for it. What amazed me is..

a) They have taken, Uma Thurman, who is little in common with SRK, the indian endorser of the product. Thurman is known for her hard to digest role in Kill Bill. So, what is the message the company wants to convey by taking her???

b) Shes wearing a black dress which looks awesome on a fair skinned actress.

c) Tag Heuer has this knack of showing a personality in a way that it seems the personality actually deserves the prized product. As I mentioned, I am fed up with SRK in my last blog, still if you remember SRK's Tag ad, he looks classy and elegant in ad which is thanks to the admaker and photographer.....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Celebs and Publicity

Well, at the outset, I must state that my comments can go out of the way as the topic i am going to comment on is unclear for me. I completely dislike the way Shah Rukh Khan sms to his team got leaked to media and got so much publicity. I dont understand how can one write such a long SMS..assuming it was sent from computer and not mobile, how can SRK expect his team to read a deluge of messages (at least 15-20). Moreover, how and who leaked it to the press.
Now, coming to the topic of celebs using press or rather the other way round. I had great respect for Aamir Khan as an actor. Recently, he mentioned in his blog that Shahrukh is the name of his dog. I mean I cant accept that this has been done without SRK's approval and this is completely staged. What explains Aamir's decade long claim of always trying to be away from centre of the stage. It clearly shows he wants to be in "public memory". Well, in other parts of world, like in Hollywood, acting is as much an art as business. Al Pacino went back to theatre in his 40s because he thought that he is getting typecast in mafia kinda movies. It was done to hone himself as an actor. Can we ever expect such standrads in India. I dont think ever. Almost every thing is made fun of and this goes on to show, how much all of us disrespect ourselves.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I watched this movie on Saturday. The name is such that I had almost written off the movie even before watching it. But, having watched it, I can say that it is one of the better movies of the season. Completely for its no nonsense approach..there are no dialogues when not background music to make it melodramatic..A simple script of a muslim girl born and brought up in UK brought to Pakistan by her father and forcibly married to her cousin is very well told..Amazing is to see that people in Lahore speak exactly similar language as my parents..So much of similarity was difficult to digest. Interpretation of islam by nasseruddin shah towards the end lent more meaning and power to the movie.