Monday, June 30, 2008


I bought the Dvd of film 'Maqbool'. The movie is directed by Vishal Bhardwaj of 'Omkara' fame. It is actually incorrect to say that Vishal of Omkara fame because Maqbool came before Omkara. Maqbool is an adaptation of 'Macbeth', a shakespeare novel. The movie is about a Mumbai don known as "Abbaji" and played by Pankaj Kapur. Abbaji has built his empire through gold smuggling and land mafia. Tabu, a much younger woman, is his mistress. And, she in turn is getting attracted to "Maqbool" played by Irfan Khan.

Tabu instigates Maqbool that till Abbaji is alive, Maqbool can not think of his "gaddi". And, even if Abbaji relinquishes his gaddi, he will give it to 'Guddu', Abbaji's to be son-in-law. Maqbool, initially, is fiercely loyal. But greed takes over and he kills Abbaji.

Soon after Abbaji is killed, Maqbol takes over the riens of his predecessor's empire. But, guilt takes over Tabu as she had planned her own master's (yeah, shes just shown as mistress of Abbaji and not wife) murder. The first sign of guilt is shown when Maqbool finds it hard to believe that Tabu is impregnated with his kid. Tabu finds it hard to belive that the father of her child is not sure that he actually is the "father".

And, then it gets on the top of Tabu to such an extent that she thinks blood is spilled over walls, mirror, floor and everywhere.

Seeing Tabu in this condition, Maqbool too breaks.

The movie is remarkable as its a tale of a human emotion never dealt in hindi cinema before: guilt. And, to keep guilt away from remorse is difficult and the most challenging part for the director because with accomplished actors like Pankaj Kaput, Irfan & Tabu, the director can be sure that they will live upto characters. But, the director's job is to color those characters by guilt which is exceptionally done.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Aamir - Movir Review

Ever since Aamir is released, reviews havent stopped coming on how good the movie is. Viewers also say that it shows the condition of modern muslims in India and both the actor and director have done amazingly well.

I watched the movie yday with friends. Somehow, I found the movie just above the average (given that average is often taken in the sense of bad and not good as fas as hindi movies are concerned). The good part is that the movie was just 90 minutes long as it shows what happens in the time frame of 6-7 hours in the day. It had pace and was not dragged at all. It had scenes which reinforced the state of mind of the protagonist well. For instance, when Aamir passes through the bazzar, the director repeatedly shows a butcher cutting meat into pieces which aligns well as Aamir is all the time thinking of the impending doomsday his family is heading to.

The scenes are well directed, when Aamir vommits after seeing a toilet in a building which houses countless people is well shot and the fact audience feels giddy tells that the job is well done. The filth of Bombay is shown as the actor vommits in the dirtiest dump.

The movie has an interesting twist when the bag which Aamir thinks has money is smartly exchanged with another which has a bomb. The reason, I dont think this is a movie which shall remain long time in my memory is it has very few scenes which can really surprise the audinece or something which has not been seen in other movies. And, for sure it only shows the condition of muslims in Bombay and not in India...

It does not explain why Aamir was chosen for the act. My friend also said that in a similar hollywood movie, Phone Bhooth, this was explained neither. But, I think this is not a good enough justification as in the entire length of movie, Aamir wonders why only he has been chosen for this such acts..The director would have done lot of justice to the script had he explained..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monsoons and Mumbai Local

This morning, I had the first experience of bombay monsoons. It was bright when I left home at 8:30 am, reached Borivali station at 8:45. It started raining the moment I got out of auto. I was drenched completely. Came back home at 9:00, changed and wore a t-shirt n jeans and finally reached office at 11:00 am. 2.5 hrs after I first started, pretty much the time it takes to go to Pune from Bombay outskirts.

Local trains provide you an oppurtunity to observe human instincts. The train was crowded, as usual. There was a little gap between me and the man standing next. There was another guy who saw the gap and rushed towards it to fit his lean body. The space was only sufficient for a man not more than 50 kgs of weight. Seeing this, the man standing next extended himself and covered whatever gap was there. So, the oppurtunist who wanted to grab that place was left stranded in between. Seldom have I seen someone reacting so fast. The reaction was as if both the guys are in a war for that place and fittest shall survive. What is special - the guy who could not get the space dint have any grudge against the other (this is a common thing in Delhi) and the man who grabbed the place had no hint of achievement...oops I think i have written more than what you would like to read.....hahaha

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oil Prices and Indian Communists

The government today increased the petroleum prices by approx. 10%. The losses of oil marketing companies were mounting and they were bleeding. This compelled the government to take a measure which is so unpopulist especially when the elections are nearby. This shows that the government has done the least it could have done for oil companies and the most for the vote bank. Now, lot of experts can complicate the issue by saying central and state duties, which I frannkly dont understand. But, what is clear is when the oil prices were almost doubled, government has subsidised the present of India for its future. This all is not surprising, this is another shot in the government's arm much like reservation etc etc. What is surprising is that, even such a little hike has given an oppurtunity to communists to "impose" (yes, its always impose in communism) band in West Bengal. What do these guys want, given that they have so many economists, luminaries. Where the hell there brains have gone? What the hell they want? I feel like saying the dialogue from departed which says "Do you want them to cut me into pieces and feed like pork". Politicians in India would never improve. In morning only, one of my collegue said she does not think one man or one institution can fool many. Probably, she had little idea about politicians and more so about communists. The hard work done on the city Calcutta on the way of making it business hub which started with the rule of East India Company has been undone to a large extent in the last 30 years of communist rule.