Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monsoons and Mumbai Local

This morning, I had the first experience of bombay monsoons. It was bright when I left home at 8:30 am, reached Borivali station at 8:45. It started raining the moment I got out of auto. I was drenched completely. Came back home at 9:00, changed and wore a t-shirt n jeans and finally reached office at 11:00 am. 2.5 hrs after I first started, pretty much the time it takes to go to Pune from Bombay outskirts.

Local trains provide you an oppurtunity to observe human instincts. The train was crowded, as usual. There was a little gap between me and the man standing next. There was another guy who saw the gap and rushed towards it to fit his lean body. The space was only sufficient for a man not more than 50 kgs of weight. Seeing this, the man standing next extended himself and covered whatever gap was there. So, the oppurtunist who wanted to grab that place was left stranded in between. Seldom have I seen someone reacting so fast. The reaction was as if both the guys are in a war for that place and fittest shall survive. What is special - the guy who could not get the space dint have any grudge against the other (this is a common thing in Delhi) and the man who grabbed the place had no hint of achievement...oops I think i have written more than what you would like to read.....hahaha

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