Monday, June 30, 2008


I bought the Dvd of film 'Maqbool'. The movie is directed by Vishal Bhardwaj of 'Omkara' fame. It is actually incorrect to say that Vishal of Omkara fame because Maqbool came before Omkara. Maqbool is an adaptation of 'Macbeth', a shakespeare novel. The movie is about a Mumbai don known as "Abbaji" and played by Pankaj Kapur. Abbaji has built his empire through gold smuggling and land mafia. Tabu, a much younger woman, is his mistress. And, she in turn is getting attracted to "Maqbool" played by Irfan Khan.

Tabu instigates Maqbool that till Abbaji is alive, Maqbool can not think of his "gaddi". And, even if Abbaji relinquishes his gaddi, he will give it to 'Guddu', Abbaji's to be son-in-law. Maqbool, initially, is fiercely loyal. But greed takes over and he kills Abbaji.

Soon after Abbaji is killed, Maqbol takes over the riens of his predecessor's empire. But, guilt takes over Tabu as she had planned her own master's (yeah, shes just shown as mistress of Abbaji and not wife) murder. The first sign of guilt is shown when Maqbool finds it hard to believe that Tabu is impregnated with his kid. Tabu finds it hard to belive that the father of her child is not sure that he actually is the "father".

And, then it gets on the top of Tabu to such an extent that she thinks blood is spilled over walls, mirror, floor and everywhere.

Seeing Tabu in this condition, Maqbool too breaks.

The movie is remarkable as its a tale of a human emotion never dealt in hindi cinema before: guilt. And, to keep guilt away from remorse is difficult and the most challenging part for the director because with accomplished actors like Pankaj Kaput, Irfan & Tabu, the director can be sure that they will live upto characters. But, the director's job is to color those characters by guilt which is exceptionally done.

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