Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oil Prices and Indian Communists

The government today increased the petroleum prices by approx. 10%. The losses of oil marketing companies were mounting and they were bleeding. This compelled the government to take a measure which is so unpopulist especially when the elections are nearby. This shows that the government has done the least it could have done for oil companies and the most for the vote bank. Now, lot of experts can complicate the issue by saying central and state duties, which I frannkly dont understand. But, what is clear is when the oil prices were almost doubled, government has subsidised the present of India for its future. This all is not surprising, this is another shot in the government's arm much like reservation etc etc. What is surprising is that, even such a little hike has given an oppurtunity to communists to "impose" (yes, its always impose in communism) band in West Bengal. What do these guys want, given that they have so many economists, luminaries. Where the hell there brains have gone? What the hell they want? I feel like saying the dialogue from departed which says "Do you want them to cut me into pieces and feed like pork". Politicians in India would never improve. In morning only, one of my collegue said she does not think one man or one institution can fool many. Probably, she had little idea about politicians and more so about communists. The hard work done on the city Calcutta on the way of making it business hub which started with the rule of East India Company has been undone to a large extent in the last 30 years of communist rule.


dalmatian said...

Karan but the communists are right in their own way.They need to face elections and congress is their key opposition in all these states.

However what i did not like about this Government was what it did four years back when it came to power. It administered oil prices once again!!! What foolhardy economically speaking. The previous Govt did all the hardwork to bring free market pricing and all that was neutralised in one go. The reason why i say it was foolhardy is simple - If oil prices were dictated by free market prices then the consumer would have thought a lot more before spending the inflation agreed would have been higher but spending would have been more on necessities than luxuries. The discipline would have come in. Now this delay has caused the off balance sheet items to swell so much so that this step had to be taken.

For the good of everyone (across the world ex oil producing nations) hope the oil prices crack as i still believe they are manipulated.

Pessimist Fool said...

yeah communists are right...but how shameful are these?? they are saying they want to protect the common man..all they have been doing is to protect themselves for last 30 years...yeah u correct that UPA has undone some good work done by NPA..thats why i say all politicians are useless here...communists as i said. Congress because vote bank is poor so does not care about businessmen...BJP is smartest, it knows it seldom comes to power, so it want to get maximum return...which also harms the economy...Our liberalization was also forced no planning there either..I cant say what these politicians have done for us but for giving us some kind of security in "democracy"