Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last night, I watched Khamoshi, a movie released in 1968, forty years back. Its a srory of a nurse, Radha, who helps Dev Chatterjee, a patient, in coming back to terms with life after his girl friend ditches him and he is on the verge of being declared mentally retarted. In the course of treatment, Dev sees his mother, wife, girl friend everything in Radha, and is oblivious of the fact that what impression his behaviour is having on Radha. Radha in turn falls in love with Dev. The movie actually starts with Radha standing in the room emptied by Dev, who has just gone back to his home from hospital after recovering fully. Radha says that she was not acting after all, which she was supposed to do. She decides that such kind of care-taking can have lasting impact on her and is unwilling to take up similar case again.
Right then, an identical case of Arun Chowdhury comes, who has been ditched by his girl friend and now hates even the image of a women. Radha's boss pleads her to take care of the new patient, which she turns down. However, when Arun loses the control to an extent of being life threatening to hospital staff, Radha decides to take up the case. She sees Dev in Arun and Arun finds his lost love in Radha. Radha is completely broken as she is always with Dev in her sub conscious mind, however physically with Arun. Arun loves her, but Radha is in her own world. Towards the end, Arun returns to normalcy but Radha falls prey to the very ailment she was helping patients overcome. She loses her mental balance and has to be admitted to the same hospital, where she worked just few days back as a nurse.
It is beyong any words of appreciation that the movie is made in a era - which our elders often claim to be far more innocent and simple, for if this movie is to be re-made today, it will be as complex as it was 40 years back. What the audience of today will find suprising is that the movie is made in black-white and technically seems very old, which makes the real complexity and confusion of the characters much lesser apparent. For instance, an intense scene today, will be with dark shades, deep red color, and heroine shedding tears which damages her make-up and all this is done intentionally to make the scene more realistic. However, in Khamoshi made in 1968, such things are absent, yet the message is far more powerful. Also, for a script writer and a director to think of a character like Radha a full two generations ago is superb. It actually shows that certain sections of society were far more modern then as compared to the Gen X and Gen Y of today. The direction is subtle, as Dharamendra, who plays Dev is not shown facing the camera. The director has clearly made an attempt to show Dharmendra like an impression which Radha carries. So, you can see Dharamendra sitting on a chair with his back to audience, or at best you can only see his profile not his face. Dharamandra in 1968 was at the peak of his career, the director might have foccussed more on him thinking it will help his movie in doing good business. However, the director preferred rakim him for his acting abilities and not for his super stardom. The directors and technicians of today's cine world have a lot to learn from this movie.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beauty and the lack of brains!!!!

Barrack Obama finally becomes the 44th US President. I know, the headline of tomorow's newspapers already as its not everyday that it is so easy to get the front page story idea.

I was wondering for a change why dont a paper comes with a headline saying "The World will Miss Ms Palin". In the last few months of the presidential campaign, she has made news for all wrong and funny reasons. Like, when asked about the concerns of energy deficiency in US, she said we would support Iraq. When asked about the link between the two, she replied everything is connected. Either she is a great economist of the likes of Adam Smith who thinks everything in the world is inter related and without us knowing invisible hand does it trick or she is a complete dumb.

She was also in news for spending few million dollars on her attire after she was nominated as a Vice President campaign. It had its results too. Pakistani PM Asaf Ali Zardari was so much taken in by the beauty that he found it difficult to leave her hand in a handshake. It has surely maligned the reputation of men from Indian Subcontinent, who often forget to "draw a line"

On her Linkelden profile, she has absolutely murdered the english language. Look at what she says “Join our cause and help our country to elect a great man as the next president of the United States. And I thank you, and I - God bless you, I say, and God bless America"

We will surely miss the entertainment!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Language Glorification

"We are investors not traders" said my boss in my previous company, when someone enquired whether we can do intra-day trading. While, he said that he was in awe of 'investing' as investors are supposed to be more patient and are bestowed upon with foresightedness. The recent market turmoil and the clueless experts has actually shown that the experts are often clueless when they are needed the most! So, why do we say "I 'invest' in stock market", why there is so much stress on the word 'investing'. I think it is just because it sounds better than merely saying "I buy shares", "I trade", by saying investing, we are using language to glorify our ordinary actions..

Similarly, in India, when someone has just got engaged, people ask with a sheepish smile "aur, when are you marrying". In simpler words, they want to say "When are you having sex", this is assuming that there is high probability of finding an unmarried virgin in India than outside as pre-marital sex is considered to be a sin by religious and conservative people.

Another instance of language glorification, few years back I went to post-office. In a queue, a young woman was standing and chatting with an old man. The man asked "what do you do". She replied "I am a MBA professional". I think the word "professional" does not mean anything beyond having a job in a decent private company and its a trivial matter whether you copy paste the data there.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Background Music

I watched "A Wednesday" yesterday. The movie was about one man who plants four bombs in Bombay and then informs the Commissioner of Police. He asks for release of four terrorists in return. Finally, it turns our that the man who had planted the bombs actually was a common man and wanted to kill those four terrorists as he was unsure of the quality of administrative and legal machinery of India.

I read the reviews before going for the movie. Critics said Naseeruddin Shah had given amazing performance. I think he has given far better performances in his career. What annoyed me was the use of loud background score. The same was the case with Mumbai Meri Jaan. The background music was capable of giving me a migraine.

Various directors have used such background music effectively in movies. For instance, Varma in Satya and Company. Yash Chopra in Darr and who can forget that heavenly background music of Sippy's Sholay. On contrast, we have directors of modern age, who use background music when they are sure that their script writers have either written awful dialogues or are totally incapable of writing. For instance, I read somewhere that Ramu had to fill music in "Sarkar - Part1" as he was unhappy with his scripwriter. In the sequel, Sarkar Raj, even Ramu used stupid kind of loud background score.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bombay Multiplexes

There is new trend visible across multiplexes. Eating outlets at multiplex try to sell their stuff during the show time. I went to watch 'Rock On' last saturday and this guy was selling popcorns to a lady. Suddenly, a man turned and told him that you are disturbing the audience and he was right in saying so.

I think it must be a really frustating job for someone to sell a cold drink, samosa or pop corn in the dark theatre, when hardly anything is visible. Moreover, the voice has to be really low, if it reached the ears of audience, then this fellow is fucked.

On the other hand, it shows that those who run such theatres care a damn about the audience's comfort. They dont realise that when there is hardly any space left for people to walk, they have their own guys selling cold drinks and making the space even more cramped.

The court has ruled it illegal to debar audience from carrying outside food in theatre. In light of this, a shop which was just next to Thakur Cinema has stopped selling bottled water and Thakur Cinema's hand in such kind of arrangement can not be ruled out.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I always find it amazing to see how people sacrfice all or most of the pleasures of their lives for their kids. I have seen families who used to go out watch movies, eat at restaurants and suddenly they get a couple of kids and then the hangouts come to an end. May be, today this kina thing seems like a thing of past. But in 70s and 80s, this was very much the case in middle class households. Few days back, I called my sister, her name is Meenakshi..and the conversation went like this

Meenakshi: Hey, you know Vipin has got twins

Me: What??? ( I thought its my neighbour Vipin, who already has twins and now again God has "blessed" him with another pair.

Me: Dont tell me that Vipin has 2 twins, meaning 4 kids now.

Meenakshi: Arrey idiot, its Vipin our relative whose wife has given birth to twins.

I was thinking that Vipin already had one son. And, now he has 3 kids. Thanks to my bringing up in India, the next question followed

Me: So, what is it...err..i mean boy or a girl.

Meenakshi: Boys..

and Meenakshi hands over the phone to my grandma, whom we call "Bibi"

Bibi: Oye karan, Vipin khat gaya (in punjabi it means Vipin's got lucky as he has 3 sons now)

Bibi: I am dying to see them..

I was confused what to say..I am what..happy??? I dont care.....with some effort I behaved as if i am also a part of the celebrations which are going to happen..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is it India's Gold or Abhinav's?

Abhinav Bindra has won a gold at Olympics in Beijing and obviously it was one of the most celebrated sporting feat of the recent times in a "medal starved India". Newspaper and TV say that India has won its first gold in 112 years. But, has India won or only Abhinav won?

Abhinav Bindra stays in Chandigarh in a posh bangalow. He has his own gym, swimming pool everything a Karan Johar movie has in it for its hero. His dad has said that INDIAN OLYMPIC ASSOCIATION AND INDIAN GOVERNMENT HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO ROLE IN HIS SON'S ACHIEVEMENT. The father's businesses are worth some Rs 600 crore, which is not the market capitalisation of hundererds of companies listed in Indian Stock Exchanges. The family has spent lakhs of rupees on Abhinav's training, his rifles. Moreover, on his confidence building training (i am sure MBAs must be amused to hear this) which happened in Germany.

Heres a guy, Abhinav Bindra, who has nothing Indian (at least economically) about him, whose family has borne the expenses of everything, which they would have anyways done if he had been in India or any other damn country. Ironically, the medals tally says Indian Gold 1 Silver 0 Bronze 0..It should be Abhinav Bindra Gold 1 Silver 0 Bronze 0.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

An Old Post

In July 2007, a series of bomb blasts had rocked Mumbai. That was referred as 7/11 in popular media. At, that time no one could have realised that cities as peaceful as Hyderabad, Bangalore and Jaipur and as low profile as Malegaon are next in line to witness similar kind of events. The latest case being of Ahmedabad.

I can recall the happenings since late 80s. The 1980s were the worst time for the beautiful state of Punjab as the sikh militancy reached its height and the situation was worse than 1947. Sikh Militancy, took an ugly turn specially after the massacre of thousands of sikhs in '84 riots post the assasination of the then PM, Indira Gandhi. Well, no one can say that the Punjab would have been completely free of tension had riots not happened. But, one would agree that the terrorism would not have reached its heights unless the militants could provoke the ordinary sikh, which they could when that ordinary sikh felt that he was foreign in his land after seeing his own relatives, family members getting slaughtered by those who felt this was the way to avenge their leader's death.

Similarly, muslims were targeted post the Godhra incident. This time, the effect was so bad that after partition Gujarat riots come next in terms of casualities. That was 2002 and ever since then there have been incidents of bomb blasts. I for sure think that if not the only reason, the massacre of ordinary muslims in Gujarat left many helpless, shelterless and even more hopeless. And, what happened in Gujarat in 2002, is definitely behind the recent bomb blasts. My friends said the recent blasts were due to anti India activities in Pak and Bangladesh. I think Pak has been sheltering anti Indian elements since a long time. The question to be asked is why there has been such an upsurge in bomb blasts since 2002?

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Hats Off to Indian Politicians

The recent nuclear deal has again shown the nudity of Indian politics. While, the left parties are principally right to the extent they were always against the deal. And, they are actually against the deal. It is the actions of BJP, which is surprising. Any kind of agreement with US, should be closer to the ideology of BJP as it was the party which started the process of India bending into super powers of world. While, I am in fact in favour of such kind of bending else without US support, countries like Japan and South Korea would have been nowhere.

What I am against is that BJP is in fact voting against the government. This makes it a naked combination of ill-willed politicians as they are opposing a deal just because they are in opposition. Tomorow, who knows if Manmohan Singh goes to Lahore, BJP will stage a dharna compeletely overlooking that it was Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee who started the process some 10 years back by being the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore.

This is in stark contrast to the west. When Bush decided to attack Afghansitan and Iraq, entire Congress be it Republican or Democrats supported him. As democrats knew that the voter would think that they are against the nation if they dont support Bush. While, it is difficult to say how Indian voter interprets BJP's action. In fact, those who vote in India dont do it on the basis of foreign policy. They still vote based on issues like hunger, poverty and education. This brings home the point that if Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru or Ms Indira Gandhi were to take a re-birth, they would definitely be successful politicians again as the issues remain the same.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fed up with Stock Market - Part 1

I am getting increasingky bored with any kind of talk about stock markets. Let me trace back my interest in stocks. I joined MBA course at T.A. Pai Management Institute in 2003 with the wish that I would specialise in marketing. Not that I knew what it is? But, I was unable to avoid making impressions without actually seeing things.

The first term made me realise that I have too little patience for understanding things and discussing which are not backed by some kind of numbers. This is also because I am a commerce student and by default commerce guys think in linear fashion. Second term made me realise that I can score better in Finance courses and have some kind of conceptual understanding.

At that time decision was made that I would be taking finance as speacialisation. Today, I find it very silly that every finance student wanted to become an equity analyst. If I think deep, there is no reason which I can site. Of course, none of us knew the career prospects of other areas of finance to discount them in favour of stock markets. I can say that it is just that everyone talks about stocks and it is the "in" thing.

Often, novices in the subject of equity listen to the so called experts with an awe and same desperation one would see his saviour when he is drowning. Somehow, an upper hand is given to any fucker who talks about stocks. There are other adviosry professionals. People do not look at lawyers which such kind of awe. Why stock markets experts are the priviliged few?

This clearly shows that to what extent fashion impact the society. A subject in fashion draws students of all kind. I would continue this in my next post.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is Nadal the greatest player

Nadal is the new Wimbledon champion. Before Nadal started playing well, am talking about 2 years ago, many great players like John McEnroe said that Roger Federer is the best tennis player to walk on earth. In fact, whatever I had seen, even I thought that the world has not probably witnessed a player who can better Fedex.

I started watching tennis from 1993. I have seen game of Jim Courier, Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi. I have no qualms in accepting that Fed has anyday better game than all these greats. I have never seen even Sampras being so immaculate with his returns. Sampras had a serve and volley game and he always wanted to finish the game as fast as possible by going on net. Agassi has uncomparable returns but his serve was like worse than female players.

Becker was called boom-boom becker because of his high and fast serves. But, this kind of game suited only wimbledon. Moreover, none of these greats had any chance on french clay. Sampras's best performance on clay was quaretr finals. Becker's performance on clay must have been even worse. Moreover, Becker's record at US Open is also average.

Contrasting to all these players, Federer reached the finals of French Open twice. He has won wimbledon 5 times. So, the remaining 6 grand slams are Aus Open and US open. This clearly shows that this man has game irrespective of the nature of the court. Moreover, he has great mental control which can be seen by going to www.youtube.com and typing "Best Shot Federer". This was when he returned a volley which came like a bullet from Roddick with such an ease that Roddick would have lost the match out of sheer disbelief of Roger's talent.

Moreover, Fed's classy one handed backhand is his greatest strength which was absent in any other players, I talked about.

However, Nadal started improving himself and he has beaten Fed thrice at French Open. Last year Wimbledon, Nadal could also have won the match. And, this year he has won it and dominated the match. This clearly shows that Nadal has a huge edge over Federer on clay court and even on grass, he can beat Federer.

This leads to a logical conclusion that Nadal is the greatest player of all time. But, somehow, no one is saying this. Even, I do not want to accept this. One reason could be that Nadal has still now shown his game on US hard court. But, he reached this year's Australian Open Final. This all shows that Nadal sure is the greatest player at least of last 2 decades since I started watching tennis.

But, still I am unable to accept. Seems these titles are difficult to garner for any player. As people take into consideration the aura, the personality of the player too. Hard for Nadal!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Federer Vs Nadal - An Epic Wimbledon Final

It was 2008 Wimbledon final between top seed Roger Federer and number 2 Rafael Nadal. Federer was gunning for his sixth consecutive title at green grass of Wimbledon. Nadal was gunning for his first title at Wimbledon as he is known to be only a clay court specialist.

In 2007 final, Nadal had tried everything in his book to stop Federer, but could not succeed. This time, Nadal started with an upper hand as he made it very clear that if Federer has to win, his serve has to be more acurate than it has ever been. Federer was not that good with his first serve, which costed him first two sets.

In fact, in second set, Federer was 4-1 up and trying hard to break Nadal's serve. I told Avis why Fed is trying too hard, even if he holds his serve games, he would win the set. Avis replied "you should not give any chances to a player like Rafa".

His prophetic words came out to be true as Rafa broke Federer's serve twice to take lead of 5-4 in second set. With balls in our mouth (me, Eric, Avis & Santa), as we were praying the "King" (if Lawn Tennis ever had one, it has to be Federer) to win second set. But, in hindsight, I can say that since we were praying, it reflects that Nadal had completely outclassed the five time champion in first two sets.

The third set started with both the players holding their serve games. It was 5-4 and rain intervened. We wished but all in vain. Chox left and he had reached Andheri that the match started. I must say if I was in Chox's place that would have been first time, I would have loathed that I am away from TV. The last time, when I used to miss DD serials while coming back from coaching classes in school.

The match resumed and I could not see it as I was coming back from Santa's place but friends informed that King won the third set 7-6 and takes on the match to fourth set.

The fourth set was replica of its predecessor as neither player could break the opponent's serve, The tie-break and Nadal is ahead 5-2, two points away from Championship, commits a double fault and 5-3. Federer makes it 5-4 and then goes on to win the fourth set. The score card says Nadal to Fed 6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7.

In the fifth set, Fed was playing better than prior 4 sets and it seemed he would win. The set went on to 7-7. Then what happened, I would say the turning point for Nadal. Nadal broke Fed's serve and now he was serving for the Cup. Nadal was 40-30 up and he came on the net, Fed played a low backhand passing shot. Only, Fed could play it and he showed what mental strenght he had in a match in which it was clearly visible that Nadal had an answer to all Federer's shots.

Thus how the golden cup landed in the hands of 22 year old spaniard Rafael Nadal

Monday, June 30, 2008


I bought the Dvd of film 'Maqbool'. The movie is directed by Vishal Bhardwaj of 'Omkara' fame. It is actually incorrect to say that Vishal of Omkara fame because Maqbool came before Omkara. Maqbool is an adaptation of 'Macbeth', a shakespeare novel. The movie is about a Mumbai don known as "Abbaji" and played by Pankaj Kapur. Abbaji has built his empire through gold smuggling and land mafia. Tabu, a much younger woman, is his mistress. And, she in turn is getting attracted to "Maqbool" played by Irfan Khan.

Tabu instigates Maqbool that till Abbaji is alive, Maqbool can not think of his "gaddi". And, even if Abbaji relinquishes his gaddi, he will give it to 'Guddu', Abbaji's to be son-in-law. Maqbool, initially, is fiercely loyal. But greed takes over and he kills Abbaji.

Soon after Abbaji is killed, Maqbol takes over the riens of his predecessor's empire. But, guilt takes over Tabu as she had planned her own master's (yeah, shes just shown as mistress of Abbaji and not wife) murder. The first sign of guilt is shown when Maqbool finds it hard to believe that Tabu is impregnated with his kid. Tabu finds it hard to belive that the father of her child is not sure that he actually is the "father".

And, then it gets on the top of Tabu to such an extent that she thinks blood is spilled over walls, mirror, floor and everywhere.

Seeing Tabu in this condition, Maqbool too breaks.

The movie is remarkable as its a tale of a human emotion never dealt in hindi cinema before: guilt. And, to keep guilt away from remorse is difficult and the most challenging part for the director because with accomplished actors like Pankaj Kaput, Irfan & Tabu, the director can be sure that they will live upto characters. But, the director's job is to color those characters by guilt which is exceptionally done.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Aamir - Movir Review

Ever since Aamir is released, reviews havent stopped coming on how good the movie is. Viewers also say that it shows the condition of modern muslims in India and both the actor and director have done amazingly well.

I watched the movie yday with friends. Somehow, I found the movie just above the average (given that average is often taken in the sense of bad and not good as fas as hindi movies are concerned). The good part is that the movie was just 90 minutes long as it shows what happens in the time frame of 6-7 hours in the day. It had pace and was not dragged at all. It had scenes which reinforced the state of mind of the protagonist well. For instance, when Aamir passes through the bazzar, the director repeatedly shows a butcher cutting meat into pieces which aligns well as Aamir is all the time thinking of the impending doomsday his family is heading to.

The scenes are well directed, when Aamir vommits after seeing a toilet in a building which houses countless people is well shot and the fact audience feels giddy tells that the job is well done. The filth of Bombay is shown as the actor vommits in the dirtiest dump.

The movie has an interesting twist when the bag which Aamir thinks has money is smartly exchanged with another which has a bomb. The reason, I dont think this is a movie which shall remain long time in my memory is it has very few scenes which can really surprise the audinece or something which has not been seen in other movies. And, for sure it only shows the condition of muslims in Bombay and not in India...

It does not explain why Aamir was chosen for the act. My friend also said that in a similar hollywood movie, Phone Bhooth, this was explained neither. But, I think this is not a good enough justification as in the entire length of movie, Aamir wonders why only he has been chosen for this such acts..The director would have done lot of justice to the script had he explained..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monsoons and Mumbai Local

This morning, I had the first experience of bombay monsoons. It was bright when I left home at 8:30 am, reached Borivali station at 8:45. It started raining the moment I got out of auto. I was drenched completely. Came back home at 9:00, changed and wore a t-shirt n jeans and finally reached office at 11:00 am. 2.5 hrs after I first started, pretty much the time it takes to go to Pune from Bombay outskirts.

Local trains provide you an oppurtunity to observe human instincts. The train was crowded, as usual. There was a little gap between me and the man standing next. There was another guy who saw the gap and rushed towards it to fit his lean body. The space was only sufficient for a man not more than 50 kgs of weight. Seeing this, the man standing next extended himself and covered whatever gap was there. So, the oppurtunist who wanted to grab that place was left stranded in between. Seldom have I seen someone reacting so fast. The reaction was as if both the guys are in a war for that place and fittest shall survive. What is special - the guy who could not get the space dint have any grudge against the other (this is a common thing in Delhi) and the man who grabbed the place had no hint of achievement...oops I think i have written more than what you would like to read.....hahaha

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oil Prices and Indian Communists

The government today increased the petroleum prices by approx. 10%. The losses of oil marketing companies were mounting and they were bleeding. This compelled the government to take a measure which is so unpopulist especially when the elections are nearby. This shows that the government has done the least it could have done for oil companies and the most for the vote bank. Now, lot of experts can complicate the issue by saying central and state duties, which I frannkly dont understand. But, what is clear is when the oil prices were almost doubled, government has subsidised the present of India for its future. This all is not surprising, this is another shot in the government's arm much like reservation etc etc. What is surprising is that, even such a little hike has given an oppurtunity to communists to "impose" (yes, its always impose in communism) band in West Bengal. What do these guys want, given that they have so many economists, luminaries. Where the hell there brains have gone? What the hell they want? I feel like saying the dialogue from departed which says "Do you want them to cut me into pieces and feed like pork". Politicians in India would never improve. In morning only, one of my collegue said she does not think one man or one institution can fool many. Probably, she had little idea about politicians and more so about communists. The hard work done on the city Calcutta on the way of making it business hub which started with the rule of East India Company has been undone to a large extent in the last 30 years of communist rule.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Surprising Move

I unsubscribed from the gmail group of 30 odd friends dating back to more than 3 years. Well, I did this as I am addicted to gmail and cant do without internet so much so that I have sent mails while taking important calls. So, I thought lets close this chapter...Pcp, my room mate in tapmi, described it as "familiarity breeds contempt"..Pcp is outstanding with his use of language..one of the few who have their own original way and not a "borrowed" one..

I was apprehensive that my group will take it otherwise. But, to my surprise, these guys were upbeat, not at my leaving the group:) Great spirit showed by the group as its still alive after 3 years of our convocation. Perhaps, this was the reason this group excelled in most of the things it did at college....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tag Heuer's Ad

I just happened to see a Tag Heuer print Ad. And, can say that its beyond perfection the way that ad is made. We have, Uma Thurman, known for doing offbeat roles, wearing a black dress and sporting a silver watch. The "watch" is in fact not clearly visible in Uma's photo. To have a clear glimpse of watch, theres a separate foto for it. What amazed me is..

a) They have taken, Uma Thurman, who is little in common with SRK, the indian endorser of the product. Thurman is known for her hard to digest role in Kill Bill. So, what is the message the company wants to convey by taking her???

b) Shes wearing a black dress which looks awesome on a fair skinned actress.

c) Tag Heuer has this knack of showing a personality in a way that it seems the personality actually deserves the prized product. As I mentioned, I am fed up with SRK in my last blog, still if you remember SRK's Tag ad, he looks classy and elegant in ad which is thanks to the admaker and photographer.....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Celebs and Publicity

Well, at the outset, I must state that my comments can go out of the way as the topic i am going to comment on is unclear for me. I completely dislike the way Shah Rukh Khan sms to his team got leaked to media and got so much publicity. I dont understand how can one write such a long SMS..assuming it was sent from computer and not mobile, how can SRK expect his team to read a deluge of messages (at least 15-20). Moreover, how and who leaked it to the press.
Now, coming to the topic of celebs using press or rather the other way round. I had great respect for Aamir Khan as an actor. Recently, he mentioned in his blog that Shahrukh is the name of his dog. I mean I cant accept that this has been done without SRK's approval and this is completely staged. What explains Aamir's decade long claim of always trying to be away from centre of the stage. It clearly shows he wants to be in "public memory". Well, in other parts of world, like in Hollywood, acting is as much an art as business. Al Pacino went back to theatre in his 40s because he thought that he is getting typecast in mafia kinda movies. It was done to hone himself as an actor. Can we ever expect such standrads in India. I dont think ever. Almost every thing is made fun of and this goes on to show, how much all of us disrespect ourselves.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I watched this movie on Saturday. The name is such that I had almost written off the movie even before watching it. But, having watched it, I can say that it is one of the better movies of the season. Completely for its no nonsense approach..there are no dialogues when not required..no background music to make it melodramatic..A simple script of a muslim girl born and brought up in UK brought to Pakistan by her father and forcibly married to her cousin is very well told..Amazing is to see that people in Lahore speak exactly similar language as my parents..So much of similarity was difficult to digest. Interpretation of islam by nasseruddin shah towards the end lent more meaning and power to the movie.