Monday, September 1, 2008

Bombay Multiplexes

There is new trend visible across multiplexes. Eating outlets at multiplex try to sell their stuff during the show time. I went to watch 'Rock On' last saturday and this guy was selling popcorns to a lady. Suddenly, a man turned and told him that you are disturbing the audience and he was right in saying so.

I think it must be a really frustating job for someone to sell a cold drink, samosa or pop corn in the dark theatre, when hardly anything is visible. Moreover, the voice has to be really low, if it reached the ears of audience, then this fellow is fucked.

On the other hand, it shows that those who run such theatres care a damn about the audience's comfort. They dont realise that when there is hardly any space left for people to walk, they have their own guys selling cold drinks and making the space even more cramped.

The court has ruled it illegal to debar audience from carrying outside food in theatre. In light of this, a shop which was just next to Thakur Cinema has stopped selling bottled water and Thakur Cinema's hand in such kind of arrangement can not be ruled out.

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