Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I always find it amazing to see how people sacrfice all or most of the pleasures of their lives for their kids. I have seen families who used to go out watch movies, eat at restaurants and suddenly they get a couple of kids and then the hangouts come to an end. May be, today this kina thing seems like a thing of past. But in 70s and 80s, this was very much the case in middle class households. Few days back, I called my sister, her name is Meenakshi..and the conversation went like this

Meenakshi: Hey, you know Vipin has got twins

Me: What??? ( I thought its my neighbour Vipin, who already has twins and now again God has "blessed" him with another pair.

Me: Dont tell me that Vipin has 2 twins, meaning 4 kids now.

Meenakshi: Arrey idiot, its Vipin our relative whose wife has given birth to twins.

I was thinking that Vipin already had one son. And, now he has 3 kids. Thanks to my bringing up in India, the next question followed

Me: So, what is it...err..i mean boy or a girl.

Meenakshi: Boys..

and Meenakshi hands over the phone to my grandma, whom we call "Bibi"

Bibi: Oye karan, Vipin khat gaya (in punjabi it means Vipin's got lucky as he has 3 sons now)

Bibi: I am dying to see them..

I was confused what to say..I am what..happy??? I dont care.....with some effort I behaved as if i am also a part of the celebrations which are going to happen..

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Shakti said...

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