Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is it India's Gold or Abhinav's?

Abhinav Bindra has won a gold at Olympics in Beijing and obviously it was one of the most celebrated sporting feat of the recent times in a "medal starved India". Newspaper and TV say that India has won its first gold in 112 years. But, has India won or only Abhinav won?

Abhinav Bindra stays in Chandigarh in a posh bangalow. He has his own gym, swimming pool everything a Karan Johar movie has in it for its hero. His dad has said that INDIAN OLYMPIC ASSOCIATION AND INDIAN GOVERNMENT HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO ROLE IN HIS SON'S ACHIEVEMENT. The father's businesses are worth some Rs 600 crore, which is not the market capitalisation of hundererds of companies listed in Indian Stock Exchanges. The family has spent lakhs of rupees on Abhinav's training, his rifles. Moreover, on his confidence building training (i am sure MBAs must be amused to hear this) which happened in Germany.

Heres a guy, Abhinav Bindra, who has nothing Indian (at least economically) about him, whose family has borne the expenses of everything, which they would have anyways done if he had been in India or any other damn country. Ironically, the medals tally says Indian Gold 1 Silver 0 Bronze 0..It should be Abhinav Bindra Gold 1 Silver 0 Bronze 0.

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Karan Sehgal said...

I totally agree with you. It's high time now that media should stop sensationalizeing crap events and celebs. I don't care if India doesn't wins even one medal but whenever it does I want it to be done by a true Indian in the true Indian spirit.

Sports have really proved a bad entertainment for us. Cricket is in dilapidated condition. Hockey, ironically our national sport, never existed. CW games are source of monetary gains for politicians and others games are just a matter of newsmakers' whims.