Monday, July 21, 2008

A Hats Off to Indian Politicians

The recent nuclear deal has again shown the nudity of Indian politics. While, the left parties are principally right to the extent they were always against the deal. And, they are actually against the deal. It is the actions of BJP, which is surprising. Any kind of agreement with US, should be closer to the ideology of BJP as it was the party which started the process of India bending into super powers of world. While, I am in fact in favour of such kind of bending else without US support, countries like Japan and South Korea would have been nowhere.

What I am against is that BJP is in fact voting against the government. This makes it a naked combination of ill-willed politicians as they are opposing a deal just because they are in opposition. Tomorow, who knows if Manmohan Singh goes to Lahore, BJP will stage a dharna compeletely overlooking that it was Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee who started the process some 10 years back by being the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore.

This is in stark contrast to the west. When Bush decided to attack Afghansitan and Iraq, entire Congress be it Republican or Democrats supported him. As democrats knew that the voter would think that they are against the nation if they dont support Bush. While, it is difficult to say how Indian voter interprets BJP's action. In fact, those who vote in India dont do it on the basis of foreign policy. They still vote based on issues like hunger, poverty and education. This brings home the point that if Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru or Ms Indira Gandhi were to take a re-birth, they would definitely be successful politicians again as the issues remain the same.


dalmatian said...

there is nothing new about this whole issue. BJP might actually vote in favour of nuke deal if it is tabled but the trust vote comes ahead and hence we wont be able to see that. Its unfortunate that they had the trust vote ahead of tabling the nuke deal. maybe they wanted to boast only a govt trusted by ppl's representatives can ratify such a critical issue. well within 24 hours we will know the answer.

Pessimist Fool said...

yeah, theres nothing new..i only compared the politicians of banana republic called India with those of west..u would have heard what Mr. Advani said yday.."Pandit Nehru would have been taken different view of the deal"

For god sake, how come Pandit Nehru become relavant today. And, u correct that BJP will vote in favour of deal when it is tabled but not because they have any vision for the country, while it is because if they come in power next year, they dont want to spoil their relationship with US - karan

Shakti said...

Dont talk about the nudity in politics. Who do u wanna see nude. Maya? LOL. Oops i already hear cries of being a MANUVADI

smile@carnival said...

I would not have surprised, if congress would have done the same thing while sitting in the opposition. But having said that I feel more hollow inside, as lets face the truth which has nothing new.

But at the same time, another thought crops up in my mind, that everyone is thinking from the point "How does it makes difference to me?" it the political parties, different voter segments, business houses or we the people. It's a different thing that drama in the parliament also reflected very low "soft skills" of our leaders but isn't it the same thought "How does it makes difference to me?"

Is this a healthy thought? I think so and the world we believe in also thinks so. Then what are the reasons on which we are appeasing these politicians (I know they are not the best that we deserve) but question is on the system not the I feel even the best is corruptible by the thought ..