Friday, July 11, 2008

Fed up with Stock Market - Part 1

I am getting increasingky bored with any kind of talk about stock markets. Let me trace back my interest in stocks. I joined MBA course at T.A. Pai Management Institute in 2003 with the wish that I would specialise in marketing. Not that I knew what it is? But, I was unable to avoid making impressions without actually seeing things.

The first term made me realise that I have too little patience for understanding things and discussing which are not backed by some kind of numbers. This is also because I am a commerce student and by default commerce guys think in linear fashion. Second term made me realise that I can score better in Finance courses and have some kind of conceptual understanding.

At that time decision was made that I would be taking finance as speacialisation. Today, I find it very silly that every finance student wanted to become an equity analyst. If I think deep, there is no reason which I can site. Of course, none of us knew the career prospects of other areas of finance to discount them in favour of stock markets. I can say that it is just that everyone talks about stocks and it is the "in" thing.

Often, novices in the subject of equity listen to the so called experts with an awe and same desperation one would see his saviour when he is drowning. Somehow, an upper hand is given to any fucker who talks about stocks. There are other adviosry professionals. People do not look at lawyers which such kind of awe. Why stock markets experts are the priviliged few?

This clearly shows that to what extent fashion impact the society. A subject in fashion draws students of all kind. I would continue this in my next post.


theinvestingspeculator said...

If you think aout the stock market, it ties in with world, standards of living, taxes, different economic and political systems. I think all markets are fasinating.

dalmatian said...

well finance alternatives are varied. may be you could enter IB, debt markets, treasury teams, brand valuers etc..., but those seem to be very few on offer. Stock market you dont need a great qualification. you could be a nobody and still be somebody in the markets. Thats its beauty. Though at times it gets too active....