Monday, May 26, 2008

Celebs and Publicity

Well, at the outset, I must state that my comments can go out of the way as the topic i am going to comment on is unclear for me. I completely dislike the way Shah Rukh Khan sms to his team got leaked to media and got so much publicity. I dont understand how can one write such a long SMS..assuming it was sent from computer and not mobile, how can SRK expect his team to read a deluge of messages (at least 15-20). Moreover, how and who leaked it to the press.
Now, coming to the topic of celebs using press or rather the other way round. I had great respect for Aamir Khan as an actor. Recently, he mentioned in his blog that Shahrukh is the name of his dog. I mean I cant accept that this has been done without SRK's approval and this is completely staged. What explains Aamir's decade long claim of always trying to be away from centre of the stage. It clearly shows he wants to be in "public memory". Well, in other parts of world, like in Hollywood, acting is as much an art as business. Al Pacino went back to theatre in his 40s because he thought that he is getting typecast in mafia kinda movies. It was done to hone himself as an actor. Can we ever expect such standrads in India. I dont think ever. Almost every thing is made fun of and this goes on to show, how much all of us disrespect ourselves.

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